The Higher Self Academy

Are you looking for Healing?
Do you have stress, depression or other pain in your body / soul?
Do you want to find YOUR meaning in life? Get a different perspective on your reality?

 We are Marlene and Dominic and can guide you in your personal growth and in your  spiritual awakening process . We help you connect with your heart to discover who you are and what you want in your life. We do this in form as ceremonies. We regularly organize the powerful *be your higher self retreats*(1cp-LSD), Kambo & Bufo, Changa in Germany, Spain & Portugal.


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Hi my name is Dominic and already exited to meet you and show you how to be your divine power and control/ create your own destiny and be the best version of yourself

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Hi i am Marlene

I have practiced my work for over 11 years now and proud to say that we have found a way to heal and retreat like no one else. i am a trained psychotherapist specialized in Traumatheapy, EMDR, EFT and behavior therapy.


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