retreat 1p LSD ceremony

About us

We are healers that are working and organising 1cP-LSD Retreats. We are maybe the most well-known persons in Germany who work with this medicine. From the moment we discovered what is possible we knew ‘This is our destiny in life!‘ Never expecting to work with the Medicine, it all fell in its place by itself!

We have been taking this medicine over years to expand our knowledge to the best possible before offering the Ceremonies.

Also we have experienced other plant medicine like Ayahuasca, Magic mushrooms, LSA, Mescaline etc and realized NOTHING is comparable with (1cP)-LSD.

It has ist own unique way to heal and to really learn how to use your pineal gland in an active way.

After all these years we built a stable and safe environment to do 1cP-LSD Ceremonies together with strong guidance.


I grew up in germany.

Growing up i decided to learn and be a trained psychotherapist specialized in Traumatheapy, EMDR, EFT and behavioral therapy.


After meeting Dominic he introduced me to 1P-LSD. I realised that with the help of the Devi combined with my skills I can heal people in an instant and help them form a new reality filled with love.


My goal is it to free the peoples mind of all the negativity and give them a new perspective in life

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Some people also call me the ‘energy holder’ =).

I grew up in Germany in a very good neighborhood with my Mom (indian) and dad (american).

The first expererience with LSD i was 17 years old. That time i used it like most people and just `tripped` not knowing the real potential.

I traveled alot and seen many cultures to learn from them. In Germany i succesfully build up a company and had a lot of money what i thought was necessary to be happy.

But it did not fulfill me in any way and i did not understand what it meant to be RICH. So searching for the answer in 1P-LSD i went to the deepest core of myself and discovered my power to use the pineal gland like no one else does. Creating energy and force fields i also discovered how to use it to manifest, creating the life i was always searching for.

After meeting Marlene and revealing her true nature and powers and our journey began together helping the people.

What kind of people come to us?

Our first participants were business people and entrepreneurs. The most of them had all material things they wanted but realized that buying all that they were actueally really trying to buy a feeling. So we showed them how to vibrate higher so that they create the feeling from the inside and it can stay permanent.

Soon the people got to know about us and also reached out for help regarding mental disorders.

We have our own unique way healing them going into a deep inner journey to search the cause and *pull it out* of your system.

First you should ask yourself: What do i want to learn? What should be healed? What do you want to achieve when vibrating higher and beeing your higher self?

If you are ready to step into the unknown and are ready to learn what your true nature is you are very welcome to participate.