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                                          Be your Higherself-Retreat

The “be your higher self” retreat should show & help people how not only to connect with the divine power, but how to BE THE DIVINE itself.

The Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self.

To connect or be your higher self without external help it will take a long time and alot of discipline.

You will have to meditate and change your diet and alot more.
We have found a way to manifest with your higher self in only 5-8 hours and enchance your true power which is hiding within you. With this Power you are able to see what is not visible with the normal sight.
As we know the world around us is built out of vibrations, energie and frequencies. But we can´t catch them with our two eyes. Therefor what we can not see we can not change.

So how do we reach this state of mind and expand our consciousness? There are alot of psychedelics with different effects. Depending on your Goal you choose one of them. Psychedelics from mothernature are the best ( Ayahuasca, Weed, Peyote etc). You take it and YOUR body transforms it with a NATURAL Process to trigger and activate a certain part in the brain.

We use a psychedelic for this. The natural occurring compound found in rye seeds is what is extracted. In Liquid form it is then called 1cp-LSD and your body transforms it and breaks the substance down itself so you get a psychedelic experience. The difference between 1cp-LSD and other Psychedelicas ist that it activates inaktiv Brain sections and connects them to use the full potential of the brain. With this all of your sins are razor sharp and you will become more concious of your powers. This means everything what you see is NO hallucination it is reality! Reality which is not filtered, reality were you can see the vibrations, frequencies and energies which guide us in real life every day. The best is yet to come: You learn to control your Skills or even achieve new ones which you didn´t even know you have!

In this retreat you will learn to be the creator of your own reality and to manifest your desires in life instantly. (love, money, family, freedom etc.)

But most important you HEAL!
How it works? With the help of our pineal gland also known as our third eye we are able to create what we wish for. But how do we activate our pineal gland? Is there a button you press and it happens? If activated how do you use it correct? Is it visible if you use it? All of these questions we will anwser you and show you how to use it in our 3 days “ be your higher self” retreat!

Are you ready for the ultimate experience?

What can the medicin do for you?

  • Finding meaning / what is your life about?) 

  • Heal trauma 

  • decalcifying your pineal gland 

  • Using your pineal gland 

  • Create energy fields 

  • Helps you to manifest 

  • Vibrate higher 

  • Live in the moment 

  • Healing from negative thoughts 

  • Relief by psych. problems

  • Actived selfhealing 

  • Bringing your energy into harmony and more inner peace 

  • Help remember who you are and what life is all about 

  • Get a deep connection with nature and your own nature 

  • Opens the energetic center and it connects us with universal intelligence 

  • Brings deep insights that help you further in your life 

  • Cleaning your aura so you can attract more positivity. 

  • teaches us about relationships with ourselves and our love relationship (s) 

  • Works negative energies and spirits from our energetic body. 

  • It teaches us to enjoy life even more. 

  • Brings creativity, inspiration and new ideas and it can boost our career or lead us into a new path where we can get even more lucky. 

  • An unforgettable experience you can use yourself on a daily basis 

1P lsd mutterkorn pilz ceremony trip higher self

Day 1


18:00/ 19:00 get to know round, single conversation for anamnese/ goals, discuss the structure and preperation of the retreat for the next day


19:30 guidance in meditation to connect with your higher self

1P lsd mutterkorn pilz ceremony trip higher self

Day 2

09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast

13:00 - 21:59 Start of the Ceremony

guidance and showing how to unleash and be your higher self with Dominic & Marlene

22:00 Close Ceremony

1P lsd mutterkorn pilz ceremony trip higher self connect

Day 3

9.00 Sharing, question & answer round


11.00 Farewell

Price for Germany 

3 day ceremony 550 euro

Prices for England & Netherlands

1/3 day Retreat 675/ 850,-

(Ibiza, Portugal etc on request) 

Next Retreats: 

- 28.08-30.08.2020 

How is the ceremony built up?

We start with setting one intention.

After about half an hour the medicine starts to work we will take care of the people who need deep healing, using the ability to connect with your higher self.



And we will use the pineal gland showing you how to reach a higher frequency.

When all are on the same vibration we can start showing you how to create and be your own higher self. Teaching you how to use the pineal gland the right way!


You will then have time for yourself to see what and how you can use your new powers.


After exploring the outer world we will go into your inner world to align and open ALL your chakras so you can use your full potential.

After that we will close the ceremony together.

Who is the medicine suitable for?

This medicine is for everyone who wants to expand the mind and is willing to learn. People who are looking for healing like depressions, traumas and other diseases. 

Why the guidance of the Marlene and Dominic?

Many of us know LSD and have already experimented with this medicine. But no one understands the power and healing effects like we do, which means that the potential of the medicine is fully empowered and can do its work optimally. It is a very protected, safe ceremony with with us because of our experience and energetic control. We do NOT want you to just trip! Our goal is that you can be in charge and control it the right way.


The Ceremonies take place in Germany (Hessen) 

* After your registration you will receive the exact address.


If you want to participate in this special Ceremony, you are  most welcome. In order to provide you with the best possible  guidance  , we ask you to first complete a  questionnaire via the button below.