Participate in our 1cP-LSD/ Kambo&Bufo/ Changa Ceremony

A ceremony can make it possible to make a deep inner journey that can greatly support you in your life. It helps you with insights , awakening, healing of the past or pain in the present and to develop more self-love and to take control of your life.

There are different dates on which you can attend our ceremony, so that you can choose a moment that suits you best. During your inner journey we will assist you as experienced guides and show you how to unleash the magic within you.

Higher self retreat

The “be your higher self” retreat should show & help people how not only to connect with the divine power, but how to BE THE DIVINE itself.
The Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self.



-10,11,12 Januar 2020

-28,29,01 Feb/ March 2020

-24,25,26 April 2020

-22,23,24 Mai 2020

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Prices for Germany
1/ 3 day Retreat 375/ 550,-

( Bali, Ibiza, Portugal etc. on request )

Individual or Duo       Ceremony

Do you need more privacy / personal attention? You can also opt for a private ceremony. This can be done individually or in a Duo Ceremony. Here you can participate with your partner, friend, girlfriend or family member. 


Kambo & Bufo Ceremony

Combining these two powerfull Frogs will let you go to your deepest core and experience the oneness of the Universe.

Kambo is natures vaccine to cure the body and soul.

Bufo the God molecule will get you right there were you suppose to be



06,07,08March 2020

May 2020 (Dates will follow)

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3 Day Kambo/ Bufo 650,-

1 Day Bufo with accomandation 450,-


only Bufo 375.-

Changa Ceremony

Changa is a powerful plant medicine where in a short space of time life-changing shifts and profound realisations can occur, it is often difficult to put into words what people see,  experience and connect to. 



14.12.2019 & 15.12.2019

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1 day Changa 180,-


Your experience should take place in a compfortable environment with nature around you. (we also offer coming to you)

* After your registration you will receive the exact address and we will choose the date together.