Changa Retreat


Are you looking for Healing?Do you have stress, depression or other pain in your body / soul?Do you want to find YOUR meaning in life? Get a different perspective on your reality? Finally determine your own life?Then take part in our Kambo & Bufo ceremony under the direction of a Shaman. 

What can the medicine do?

Advantages of the medicine:

  • Finding meaning (what is your life about?)

  • Enter other Reals & Dimensions

  • meet entities

  • Healing from negative thoughts, depression and other mental diseases

  • Help remember who you are and what life is all about.

  • Get a deep connection with nature and your own nature.

  • Opens the energetic center and it connects us with universal intelligence.

  • Brings deep insights that help you further in your life.

  • Cleaning your aura so you can attract more positivity.
    teaches us about relationships with ourselves.

  • Works negative energies and spirits from our energetic body.

  • It teaches us to enjoy life even more.

  • Brings creativity and new ideas and it can boost our career or lead us into a new path where we can get even more lucky.

  • Gives very deep relaxation in the physical body.

  • An unforgettable experience together with other like-minded people.

What is Changa?

Changa is a powerful plant medicine where in a short space of time life-changing shifts and profound realisations can occur, it is often difficult to put into words what people see,  experience and connect to. 

It’s a smoking mixture that may contain a wide variety of herbs. Every individual creates their own unique blend. 

It contains similar ingredients to the Shaman's medicinal brew Ayahuasca.

Some say its the short version of multiple Ayahuasca ceremonies =)


How long is it?

 Changa  is intense but short-lived experience with the whole ceremony lasting roughly 30-40 mins. Changa is a powerful medicine for those wanting to shift something in their lives, to get answers or a breakthrough in an important matter and connect directly to their higher power.

Recovery and integration is generally quick within 45-60 min and participant can drive and carry on with regular functionality same day.

It is recommended to cultivate this “cleared space” as a mental, emotional and physical master reset through healthy lifestyle changes and practices.


The guidance of a Shaman is important! 

It should always be someone there, taking care of the participant Physically, but not only that, when taking the medicine, energy doors and pathways are opened. So it is neccessary making the space safe and to protect the participant energetically.


Changa should not be taken with any of the following;

  • Psychotropics ◦ Antidepressants (Prozac, Venlafaxine) ◦ Antipsychotics (Olanzapine) ◦ Lithium, mood stabilizers ◦ Antiepileptics 

  • Stimulants ◦ Amphetamines (Adderall, meth)   

    Combining them may cause severe hypertensive symptoms (elevated blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature), seizures, long-term kidney damage and serotonin syndrome.

If you suffer from epilepsy, psychosis or schizophrenia we advise strongly against participating in a ceremony.


Day 1


11:00 get to know round, single conversation for anamnese/ goals, discuss the structure and preperation of the retreat 


13:00 Start of the Changa Ceremony




20:00 Dinner


1 day ceremony 190 euro

(Option to stay over for an up price)