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Do you want to book a private Ceremony?

If you want more personal attention and elaborate on specific issues and questions that concern you, it is possible to do a private session with us. During such a session we can give you more personal attention and coach and assist you in your process.

It is possible to book a 1-on-1 or Duo Ceremony. Our experience is that personal guidance and attention can quickly help you on your path.

Individual or Duo Ceremony

You can book an Individual Ceremony or a Duo Ceremony. A Private Ceremony has the advantage that you are not disturbed or distracted by other participants and that we can guide you 1-on-1. I or one of my experienced employees will give you all the attention and guidance you need during your jouney.

In a Duo Ceremony you can participate with your partner, friend, girlfriend or family member. It is also possible on request to participate with larger groups, such as a group of friends, a family or relatives.


Price for a Duo session or

Price for Individual / Private session please write a Message or Register and we will contact you immidiatly