Mushroom Ceremony with Taita Leonel (netherlands)


Are you looking for Healing?
Do you have stress, depression or other pain in your body / soul?
Do you want to find YOUR meaning in life? Get a different perspective on your reality? Finally determine your own life?
Then take part in our Mushroom ceremony under the direction of a Shaman. With over 35 Years of experience!

What can the medicine do?

- It opens our energetic center and connects us with the universal intelligence.

- It can bring deep insights, about ourselves, our relations, life, mother earth and the universe.

- It can connects us with natures elements and can let us experience the essence of nature.

-It works negative energies, or spirits out of our energetic body

-It can teach you how to enjoy life more and get the most out of it and to find our true purpose.

-It can bring creativity and new ideas. It can boost our career or can redirect us to a new way of life where we are more connected with our heart.

-It can give deep relaxation in the physical body.

How does the ritual go?

We start with a loving rapé (ha-pe) that taita Leonel will share with us. This will open up our upper chakras, so we get more receptive to the other medicines and it takes away thoughts that do not support us. This will be followed by a tobacco prayer where we can ask for protection or help in specific aspect of our life, every intention counts and the tobacco will communicate this with the spirits of the other medicines. Also we can do a prayer for someone else. After this, taita Leonel will connect with the medicine and ask for protection (this is also done with the tobacco). 


This will be followed by sharing Los Ninos and consuming the medicine. After about a half an hour the medicine will start working very light and taita Leonel will start playing the harmonica to raise the collective frequency of the ceremony. Later he will sing and also plays other instruments. Before and during the ceremony there will be shared mambe and ambil. This is to let pure thoughts get in and connect us with our higher intelligence and to help us express our selves for who feels like it. The persons that need deep healing can lay down next to the fire, one at a time. Taita Leonel will do his ancestral work with the baston and other spirit charged instruments to take out negative energies or blockages.


The medicines The medicines taita Leonel works with are the mushrooms, Tabaco, rapé, mambé and ambil. Taita Leonel works in the traditional way which come from his indigenous ancestres Taita Leonel has more than 35 years of experience with the medicine and as he is ancestral connected to the medicine and his sacred instruments, he knows medicinal power of the mushroom and understands best how to utilize this powers and heal people. The mushrooms are also know as Los Niños Santos (the holy children). This is because for some people the mushroom spirits can appear as children, or little beings that can teach you a lot. Los Niños are growing in the dry cow pie, but only when it rains and thunders. In this way the rain is electricly charged and Los Niños grow with their wisdom. They are here to support us in our revolution. Taita Leonel has an essential connection with fire and uses the energy to heal.

The communication with the spirit of the fire is very important, because it gives him a lot of information. It tells him when to use which instrument, it connects him with the spirits of his instruments. His most important instrument is his baston, a stick which helps extracting negative energies of the human body. This helps with re balancing the energetic body and take away physical sicknesses and symptoms. Also he work with an eagle leg and a pendulum, which in there use have all there healing powers and there is much more.. Hey plays the harmonica, tambor, sonajes and he sings. He wants to share his medicine and “The Great Mystery” as he calls is, with lots of love and humbleness. Truly the ones that can attend this ceremony are blessed and will experience positive changes in their lives. There will be delicious vegeterian food, comfortable sleeping places. It will be an unforgettable experience for sure and for a lot of participants who already have experienced the ceremonies with taita Leonel and Los Niños Santos it was one of the best, if not, THE best experience ever. We feel it is really important that there is the time and the space, to recap, to learn, process and progress. That’s why we created this safe and harmonic place for the participants to really be in safe guided hands and connected with nature, where we can really work on ourselfs. So next to the ceremonies there is time to enjoy the outside space and recap everything that we will learn during the ceremonies


Leonel de Jesus Tascon Yagari also known as Taita (shaman) Leonel, is the grand son of Marcelino tascon. Taita Leonel is part of the Embera Chami tribe and he speaks there proper language Embera, also he and his community speak fluent Spanish. Before being replaced to this territory, due to minery 80 years ago, their original territory was located between the pacific and the andes region of Colombia. Now they are located in the Andes of Antioquia. Taita Leonel lives with his community of 300 family/tribe members in this territory and when they arrived 80 years ago their were only 2 water sources. With time and a lot of spiritual investment by connecting with natures elements, which consist mostly out of Tabaco prayers, they activated the sources. Nowadays they have 27 active water sources which are borned out of the mountains.


Day 1


18:00 get to know round, single conversation for anamnese/ goals, discuss the structure and preperation of the retreat 


21:00 Mushroom Ceremony



Day 2

15:00 Lunch / Rest


21:00  Mushroom Ceremony

taita leonel.jpg

Day 3


-Sharing, question & answer round; 




3 Day Mushroom Ceremony with Taita Leonel 750,-

(2x nights accomandation+medicine+food/drinks+integration)

1 Day Mushroom Ceremony with Taita Leonel + accomandation 475,-