My Experience with the Toad Bufo (5 MEO DMT; the god molecule) Ego death

I went in with the intension that I get back the joy that I had as a little boy. The first pipe I fell into a kind of trance but I was still aware. I only saw a bright light in the distance. When I thought that was it, I opened my eyes and saw the vincente ready with the second pipe 😊 I just looked at him questioningly and he meant trust me and I did that and just thought full power and took another big puff and kept it in there for as long as I could. It was like a bang and I was out of my body but still aware and saw myself dissolving and merging with the universe. I was everything! After that I was reassembled with each molecule and felt my heart as it tried to come in line with the universe. At first it throbbed unequally so that everything was not in control but when it finally happened it was just pure love and joy that I have not felt for so long and I understood why I am here ❤️ Muchas gracias vincente

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