What do you really want?

Updated: May 23, 2019

If you really want something it is possible. Many times we let thought stop us from taking action and living our dreams. Often times we are scared to truly follow our heart and intuition.

Stop dreaming and live your dreams!


You want money? cars? a big house? but don´t really know how to get all that?

you have to find your inner purpose and what your heart and soul really desires to get it and also be happy with that!

Take me as an example ( Dominic ) i was a business owner of a successfull running company and had all the material things. But as soon as i had it i felt no satisfaction and was unhappy. 1p-LSD let me realise that i searched happiness in all the material things but it had to come from me inside and i didn´t have to work my ass of to get all of it. The way to inner peace and freedom ( also financial freedom) is easy to achieve when your mind is set right and you know the techniques.


Never let your opinions from other stop you! You and only YOU KNOW what is good for you. Feel in your heart where you are seeking for and TAKE ACTION. In the beginning it can be scary, but the more steps you take, the more comfortable you will be. So LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND LIVE YOUR DREAM. You will see EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE and BREAK FREE FROM YOUR CHAINS!

If you are ready to take action and see what you really want we can make it happen! If you want to get to know your to full potentiall book the "be your higher self retreat"

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