What is your higher self?

Your soul is incredibly large and connected to 'all that is'. To express it scientifically, connected to the quantum meganic field. It seems as if your soul is in your body. In reality it is much more complex.

Your higher self is an aspect of yourself in a higher dimension . Because your higher self is in a higher dimension, it has the overview. Just as the past already exists, so does the future. Yet what the future looks like is not certain. This is because there are multiple parallel dimensions. It is just what your consciousness chooses and you consciously experience that future.

Multiple timelines

In this way, there are several copies of you. There is a rich and a poor you. There is a sporty and unsporting you. There is a happy and an unhappy you. Go on and on. There is only 1 way that you experience with your consciousness.

Connect with your higher self

By developing yourself spiritually, the connection with your higher self becomes stronger. Your higher self communicates through feeling and intuition. By developing yourself spiritually, your intuition is strengthened.

Below you will find an overview of the differences between the lower and the higher self.

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