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San Pedro (Huachuma, Wachuma)

San Pedro or also Huachuma (Quechua language) is one of many master plants in South America and is used today in the Peruvian jungle as one of the five most important master plants. It is a cactus that has been used in South America for generations by shamans and other spiritual seekers as a vehicle for divination.

San Pedro is a medicine that enables personal transformation and supports the path to healing.

Its use leads to visions that are necessary to make certain predictions and, for example, to discover spiritual and unconscious causes of illness. Until a few years ago, the secrets and the use of cactus were reserved for indigenous peoples and one had to travel as far as South America to participate in a ritual.

Now you can experience the miraculous effects of San Pedro at one of our ceremonies – in a safe environment and under the guidance of experienced guides.


The oldest cacti exist for about 20,000 years.
Their specific appearance makes it possible to survive drought and heat.
The thorns are of course the most characteristic of cacti; actually these are leaves with no moisture. They also protect the cactus against bright sunlight and prevent them from being eaten by animals.

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi), basioniem: Trichocereus pachanoi, is the best known from the Trichocereus family.
According to researchers like Backeberg, there are 47 species, all of which originate in South America. Others say, for example, that there are only 13 species.
Not only the E. Pachanoi, but also other species contain the mescaline substance.
However, the quantity depends on the species and the age of the cactus.

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San Pedro can help you to ground more in your daily life.
Do you ever wonder what life is all about and how you can overcome your blockades?
San Pedro can help you find the peace.

Through the patient wisdom of this beautiful plant medicine you will begin to feel one with the creation again.
We will support you in this process and offer you a place for you to experience this.
We do this in a therapeutic setting where the focus is on looking within and thereby in a reassuring way to get in touch with yourself, the others, and the universe.


About 1-2 hours after consuming San Pedro, the active substance mescaline will become palpable and will reveal itself to the user. The effects can then stay on for 8-15 hours.
These effects include: extreme light sensitivity; you will be able to see and feel every ray of light and even ‘see’ people and things. Lost memories can return and you can hear sounds and see things that come from afar.

All in all, your senses are more open to be able to experience more of your surroundings and you can see everything in a ‘divine light’.
Furthermore, all sorts of emotions can come up such as laughter, crying, screaming, fun, fear and love. Love for everything that is and everything that is not.

The effects of San Pedro are more pleasant in different ways than those of Peyote (this is another type of cactus that also contains mescaline).
To begin with, the taste is less bitter and the usual nausea does not necessarily appear.
When the psychotropic experience takes place, it is less overwhelming, more calm and not as physical as that of Peyote.


Day 1


07:00 AM

get to know round, single conversation for anamnese/ goals, discuss the structure and preperation of the retreat 


07:30 Start of the Ceremony

18:00 End of Ceremony


1 Day: 375 Euros